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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Life is to Communicate.

Communication and collaboration from the home office. By Seth Land.

Working from home, I spend most of my day on phone calls and Web meetings. As I sat down preparing for my next web meeting the other day I noticed these words attached to my green tea bag: Life is to Communicate. 

Morning words of wisdom to ponder as you enjoy your morning tea.


As a web consulting company, Fig Leaf Software deals in the communications business in a number of ways: custom web development, design, digital marketing, Google Search, web analytics and my particular favorite, Adobe Connect.  Every technical solution we deploy is simply just another form of communication.

Successful leaders in all aspects of our society from business, education, entertainment, sports, politics, media, religion all have one thing in common: They are good communicators.  People understand them.  The message is well received.   Successful leaders also listen.  Listening is the yin to the yang of communicating.

At Fig Leaf Software, successful projects and smooth deployments can be attributed to effective communication.  We listen to our clients, make sure we understand what they want, explain what we can do and continue to listen and communicate through completion of the project. (See my recent blog post: 5 Ways Project Managers use Adobe Connect)

Think about it though.  Every mistake, misunderstanding or blunder also comes from some sort of communication breakdown.  Either you misheard, misunderstood, didn’t read the email, didn’t GET the text and/or didn’t understand the significance.   Either way, someone didn’t know something.  Just about every way you look at it, mistakes happen because of some lack of communication, which leads to a lack of understanding or knowledge.

Look at it this way: Lack of Communication = Lack of Knowledge = Mistake/Blunder/Failure

The Yin to that Yang: Effective Communication = More Knowledge = Success

This also translates into our personal lives as well.  The obvious example is marriage.  Without getting off the track too much: Talk and Listen to your spouse!  Your marriage will thrive.  But marriage, even though I am very good at it, is not the purpose of this Blog Post.

The purpose is perhaps to play Captain Obvious here and reinforce what savvy blog-readers probably already know: Life is to Communicate.  Communication is integral to success.

In my world of technology, I talk to people every day about virtual classrooms, webinars, content marketing campaigns, eLearning and online training.  In the end, people and organizations of all stripes are looking for ways to communicate better.

Sometimes our morning tea can help us remember simple things.

So, join me online in a Connect Webinar and see first-hand how Adobe Connect can help you communicate: http://www.figleaf.com/events

Yours in online communication,
Seth Land

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