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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

5 Ways Project Managers use Adobe Connect

By Seth Land, Adobe Connect Team

At Fig Leaf Software, our team manages dozens of projects at once.  Our projects range in size, scope and technology solution (CMS, Design, Content Marketing & Strategy, Custom App Development, Mobile Development, etc.).  Our Project Managers are the best in the business! One way our PM’s guide our projects to success is by using Adobe Connect!  Think about it. What is one of the most essential things a project manager needs to do?  COMMUNICATE.  

Adobe Connect Supports Unlimited
Screen Layouts

Adobe Connect is ideal for Project Managers because Connect allows them to share information and communicate in a number of ways.  Below are the top 5 ways PMs can use Connect:

1.      Online Regular Status Meetings:  This is really a no-brainer here.  Meeting online is efficient and productive for all parties involved.  Especially, for PMs that are managing multiple projects at once, it just makes sense and works. The fact that we can integrate with conference bridge audio is a huge plus.  Not to mention the Connect Mobile app that makes is extremely easy for users to attend via their phone or tablet.

2.      Persistent and Unique Meeting Rooms:  This is an enormous advantage for Project Managers, as they can use the same meeting room link for all project meetings.  All they have to do is create a calendar event and include the link that doesn’t change.  This makes joining regular meetings easy for users and easy on the Project Managers.

3.      Customized Layouts:  Project Managers can customize their Adobe Connect Meeting rooms to communicate the way they need to, depending on the project, the client and their needs at the time.   These layouts can be used in different ways to: share files and assets, take notes, facilitate Q&A, collaborate, conduct polls and more.  Here is a quick tour of a Meeting Room:

4.      Screen sharing and White-boarding: As a digital agency, Fig Leaf designs quite a bit of
Adobe Connect App
Works on smart phones
and Tablets
custom content.  This content is often shown to our clients for approval or collaboration.  Having the ability to share our screen AND use the whiteboard tools to take notes and annotations is a huge feature.

5.      Record Meetings:  Adobe Connect allows PMs to easily record and archive online meetings.  This is perfect for requirement gathering sessions or detailed technical discussions.  Our clients also enjoy access to the recordings, and this can be especially useful if a stakeholder arrives late, has to leave early, or misses the meeting for any reason -- they can catch up and stay on the same page as the rest of the team.  The best part of utilizing Adobe Connect to record online meetings is that there is no post production work involved.  

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