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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

4 Marketing Do's and Don'ts When Creating Emails

Email marketing is an affordable, quick, and customizable way to speak to your target audience. It is important to understand the building blocks of how to create an effective email, as well what causes an email to be ineffective. 

Similar to my last post on landing pages, here are 4 do's and don'ts to follow when creating an email.

  • Keep the message short and focused. Since people receive tons of emails every day and not a lot of time to read it all, make sure your message gets right to the point. 
  • Include some type of call-to-action. Your email will be much more efficient when you can make your audience respond to an imperative need. Your CTA could be to download a whitepaper, register for an event, deadline to receive an offer or discount pricing, etc. Be creative when coming up with calls-to-action.
  • A/B Testing. Test what does and doesn't work for your audience. If you are creating an email campaign and notice the first email didn't receive many response/click-throughs, then try tweaking the wording or give it a different subject line. 
  • Design emails to be responsive. Keep in mind that your email will more than likely be read on a mobile device or tablet, so you want to make sure you message comes across the same as it would on a desktop. 
  • Use a global unsubscribe button. Instead of using a global unsubscribe button from every email you send, give your audience the option to decide what content they want to receive. Subscription management allows you to save a relationship that you might have burned using a global unsubscribe button.
  • Treat every prospect the same. Make sure you use segmentation and personalization in your email to better fit your email recipients. 
  • Don't send any email without testing it first. By testing your email, you can avoid embarrassment after sending a blast to your database. It also helps to send the test email to someone not working on it to get a fresh pair of eyes in case you missed something. 
  • Don't just send out a sales pitch. Your audience wants something more than just another self-serving promotional email. Give your audience news and information they can use. Mix it up a little and include something for everyone. 
Check out this deep-dive to learn the 12 components of a 5 star email! Download the guide today and start optimizing those emails. 

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