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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Top 8 Things to Know About Private Training

Over the years, Fig Leaf Software has trained over 35,000 students in different courses from Google, Adobe, Acquia Drupal, Sencha and many others. Many people may not be aware, but Fig Leaf Software can deliver all of it’s training classes as private events! We have also travelled all over the world to train, and we can even deliver live-online classes in any time zone. Classes can be held at the client’s location, our location, or a neutral location that all students can attend. Here are some common questions we often receive about private training:

Is private training right for our organization?

If you have 4-5 students interested in the same class, private training is for you. Not only is private training cost effective, but one of the biggest advantages for setting up a private class is that you can customize the training to your needs. We routinely have clients who want a mixture of two classes, or simply want to remove or add a few units to the existing materials.

If I host the training at my location will I have to set up the computers?

Yes, however most classes only require about 5 minutes of setup per computer. Additionally, our training manager Jabari Bruce is available to assist with the setup. Worried about tough network restrictions? No worries, we have a few options when it comes to classroom setup, including using Amazon’s EC2 to host the class.

OK, we have a few students interested in training, where do we go from here?

Simple, just contact our training team at training@figleaf.com. If you are having any trouble we can help you decide which class(es) are right for you, and we can usually get you an estimate within 24 hours. We like to cap our classes at 12 students to keep the student to teacher ratio low, but we do have options for larger groups as well. Additionally, have all the students take a look at our class pre-requisites before the training starts. This can have a huge effect on how much the students get out of the class.

How long does it take to schedule a private class?

We can usually book a training class within 4-6 weeks, but if the instructor is available we may be able to get it scheduled sooner.
I have students in multiple locations all interested in training, can a private class still work?

Yes, we can teach all or a portion of the students online. This is live-online training, not a prerecorded video. We will setup an online environment, and provide all the remote students with a conference line so they can communicate with the instructor.

How does online training work?

The lecture component of the class will be handled through Adobe Connect and a phone conference bridge. For the best results you should have a dual-monitor system (or second computer). This helps replicate the classroom experience by watching the walkthrough exercises on one screen, and following along with the instructor on the other.

The access steps process:
  • Prior to the event you must run a connectivity test from their computer to make sure they can connect to our data centers. This ensures a smooth start when the training begins.
  • You will go to our hosted labs webpage to access the lab-environment remotely.
  • Using your assigned, unique access code you will be connected to a full-screen high performance remote desktop.

You can view more information about system requirements for online training at: http://training.figleaf.com/Locations/onlinefaq.cfm

Where do I find out if a class will run?

You can visit our training website: http://training.figleaf.com/index2.cfm. You can also contact us directly at 202-797-7711 x 107 or training@figleaf.com.

What should I estimate for travel costs?

For domestic classes you should estimate around $500 a day. You should estimate around $1,000 a day for international classes.

Schedule your private training course today by contacting our Training Coordinator, Jabari Bruce at training@figleaf.com or by phone at 202-797-7711 x107.

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