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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Extending Adobe Connect with Custom Pods and Applications

As a web meeting solution, Adobe Connect has all the features of every other web conferencing vendor.  Users can screen share, stream live video, broadcast audio, chat, whiteboard and much more.  However, with Adobe Connect, users can take their Connect Meetings to another level altogether by using Custom Pods and Applications inside a Connect Meeting Room.  By extending Connect, Meeting Hosts can go beyond normal web meetings and really increase user interaction and engagement.  We call this the Engagement Factor of Adobe Connect.

What is a Custom Pod?
A custom pod is an application that can run inside a Connect Meeting room to do something specific like:
  • Broadcast YouTube Video
  • Play games
  • Interact with maps and trackable quizzes
  • Create, brainstorm and collaborate with content
  • Stream music
  • And Much More

What does this mean?
This means that you can create any type of interactive application you want and run it inside your Connect Meeting Room.  Companies and organizations can create their own custom pods to help facilitate interaction and engagement and in effect extend Connect for their specific needs.  Interactive developers and designers can use Adobe’s SDK to create custom pods of their own.

Here is a link to a list of Custom Pods Connect clients can download and use inside their Connect Meeting Rooms:

Adobe’s approach of allowing users to extend Connect by using custom pods is simply visionary, and helps clients achieve unique business and organizational requirements by going beyond out-of-the-box web conferencing.

Don’t forget to join Fig Leaf Software and eSyncTraining for a live webinar to learn how to extend Adobe Connect with Custom Pods & Applications. This webinar will show how organizations can use custom pods within a Connect Meeting Room to increase engagement and interactivity.

Below are a few screenshots of these custom pods in action. 

Interactive Map:

Interactive Crossword:

Brainstorm, Organize and Present with Mindomo:


Streaming YouTube:


Written by: Seth Land

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