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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Live Recording Interview with Adobe Connect

As the Fig Leaf Software Connect Sales Director and Connect Specialist, I have helped our clients use Connect for a variety of different use-cases. As mentioned in before, the new release of Connect 9.2 has some great features our clients can use. See our previous blog: http://bit.ly/1ftde3u

This post is a bit different though.  We decided to use Connect to record a live interview with Peter Ryce of Adobe.  Mr. Ryce is the Senior Connectionist for Adobe and plays a tremendous role on the Adobe Connect Product team.  To some, he is the face, and voice of Adobe Connect.  His experience and knowledge of Connect as well as the world of web conferencing is extremely insightful, so we wanted to share a recorded interview with our users.

This recording was created using an Adobe Connect meeting room.  We recorded the meeting LIVE using an integrated conference bridge powered by MeetingOne.  We also used our webcams to broadcast live video.  I even turned on my iPad’s camera for a few moments to illustrate the new film-strip feature of Connect 9.2.

The interview discusses three key features of Connect 9.2:
1)      Video Film-strip Mode - This lets users have multiple cameras at once with one camera up top and the others in a strip down below.

2)      Whiteboard Send Snap-shot - This is a feature that allows you to send via email a marked up whiteboard from Connect.

3)      New Welcome to Connect email - New users get an easy to follow email that allows them to create their own Connect Meeting room in moments.

Connect Recording Link:

By the way, this ability to record meetings with Connect is a powerful feature that is extremely easy to use.  We also edited out the first couple of moments of the interview that is focused on soccer and baseball.  Subjects for a different blog post.

[Written by: Seth Land]

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