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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

What's New in Adobe Connect 9.2

The new release of Adobe Connect 9.2 is being rolled out to clients right now. As the Connect Guru at Fig Leaf, I have been helping clients with Connect for nearly ten years and and I am very pleased to say C9.2 is SOLID and am excited for our clients. Some of the new features are highlighted below:

Live Video Enhancements:  Adobe Connect now allows users to use a Filmstrip view for multiple cameras. This allows for one camera to be featured while the other cameras appear below in filmstrip type view (See Pic below). The interface is very user-friendly and will simply increase the amount of live video being used in Connect rooms. At the same time, this new feature also saves about 30% of bandwidth. This filmstrip video feature is ideal for users conducting virtual conferences, informational webinars and virtual classrooms where multiple cameras can be used. Users can also make the Video Pod Full Screen with just a click. For some reason, your hair still gets messed up when you turn on the camera though. 

First Time Using Connect Experience: Compared to other web conferencing solutions such as WebEx and GoToMeeting, Connect is the most feature-rich product on the market. Lots of features like screen share, live video, polling, chat, Q&A, custom layouts, persistent meeting rooms, and on and on—this can be a bit daunting to a user who has never used Connect before. From this point on, the experience is wonderful for new users. Now, users get an email that walks them through the basics of creating a Connect Meeting Room. The idea here is that first-time users can IMMEDIATELY start using Connect with ease and quickness, as well as create a persistent meeting room that can be used over and over again.

Social Logins for Events:  Now, when clients use Connect for webinars, end-users can register with Facebook and Google+ credentials. This feature will simply make it easier for end-users to register for informational webinars without having to remember a new login. For Connect users conducting webinars, this feature should also increase attendance as well. LIKE!

Send Whiteboard Snapshot: One of the best features Connect has always had is the ability for users to whiteboard, draw and annotate on content or a blank, er…whiteboard. This easily allows users to use visual cues to describe an abstract idea or process. With this new release, now users can send a snapshot of a whiteboard through Connect via email. This is a feature is awesome and will allow users to share whiteboard information easier with other users.

Other enhancements include password and security setting enhancements, pausing broadcasting audio, recording start indicator and other Event reporting capabilities. Overall, Connect 9.2 is a perfect dot release that adds a few USEFUL features that simply helps solidify Connect as the most interactive and feature-rich web communication platform on the market.

To learn more, please join Fig Leaf for a live webinar: http://www.figleaf.com/events

[Written by: Seth Land]

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