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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

So your organization is migrating to Drupal. Well, you even get the kitchen sink.

Why is your organization jumping on the Drupal bandwagon, and how will you and other stakeholders, who have no influence over the decision, be affected? Fortunately, the open source Drupal content management system (CMS) bandwagon boasts a community of developers and engineers doing what they love and what they want to do, not what they have to do. That means that the core of Drupal is ever evolving and integrating with new technologies. The creativity of its’ community has resulted in over 14,000 modules that allow Drupal to scale and the ability to assemble one or more modules to create anything the mind can imagine.

One of the best examples of Drupal Scaling I have come across is that of Kitchen. Drupal is the kitchen – a static workplace to mix ingredients by uniting code into functioning modules, and combining the modules again to create a functioning system of some kind. In your kitchen, there are numerous raw ingredients that you can use to create some sort of functionality. For example, salt, pepper and, lettuce, dressing and meat (bits of code) can come together to create a meal. How complex your meal becomes simply depends on how much raw code is combined. Eggs and oil can be combined to create mayonnaise, which could be likened to a Drupal Module. Mix the mayo with bread and beef, and a hamburger is created. This stage is much like combining modules such as a login, registration, and a calendar to create event management system (EMS). Your hamburger is the EMS, but not necessarily a complete meal.

You might want to add fries and a milkshake to the hamburger so that you have a full meal. It is a simple as combining your EMS with content management, e-commerce and maybe a social media system to round out your full featured website, which is now ready for the world stage. A skilled chef (developer) in the kitchen can craft a site that includes forums, blogs, intranets, news aggregators, photo galleries, wiki’s, reviews – anything imaginable. For organizations that want to grow and change, the dynamic capability of Drupal allows users and developers to explore web content in unique and exciting ways. Just ask the White House, Harvard and ed.gov.

By: Mike Ferry

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