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Friday, January 10, 2014

Help with Google Groups, GMail and other Google Apps

The adoption of Google Apps continues to soar, with one of the most recent migrations announced being from the City of Boston which is moving from Microsoft to Google Apps and will be saving about $280,000 annually, according to a recent Boston Globe article.

Integrated Google Apps Training (Now with Google Groups)

A great feature of Google Apps is the ability to integrate online training for Google Apps users.  Integrated Google Apps Training features a variety of training courses for:

  • GMail Training
  • Google Calendar Training
  • Google Drive Training
  • Google Sites Training
  • Google Groups Training
  • Administrative Assistants and Power Users Training

The newest feature of the integrated Google Apps training is Google Groups Training.  The features of Google Groups Training includes:

  • Introduction to Google Groups
  • How to Join a Group
  • How to use Group Topics
  • How Members can use a Collaborative Inbox
  • How Members can Use an Email List
  • How Managers can Administer and Manage Groups and Group Members
To learn more about Integrated Google Apps Training or Hands-on, Instructor Led Google Apps Training please contact Joe Ferrente at 631-245-1448 or jferrente@figelaf.com.  Joe is an expert with Google Apps and can help you understand the best way to get your organization comfortable with Google Apps, no matter if you have been using Apps for years or if you are just getting started.  

In my opinion, Google Apps is easy to use but even in our technology organization, we have individuals who like to take training and learn more about how to use Google Apps.  Often one of the best benefits to Google Apps training is for new hires -- people who are joining the organization who are not familiar with Google Apps or have not used it in a business setting before.  Integrated Google Apps Training reduces questions for the new hire as it allows them to become familiar with Google Apps as they join the organization at their own pace.

Google Apps Hands-on Instructor Led Training

For companies or organizations who hands-on, instructor led training for Google Apps, Fig Leaf Software offers a 2 Day Google Apps Admin Training as both public and private training.  Additionally, we offer a 4 Day Google Apps Deployment Essentials Training / Workshop which is a comprehensive hands-on overview to activate, configure, and deploy Google Apps for Business to their customers. The course is taught by a Google Apps Deployment Certified instructor.

The Google Apps for Deployment course covers the following topics:
  • Domain registration and verification
  • Managing multiple domains
  • Managing organizations 
  • Provisioning users
  • Managing groups and contacts
  • Configuring calendar service and resources
  • Managing Google Apps customer accounts using the Reseller Tools
  • How and where to go for Support
  • Adding new services
  • Overview of migration strategies
  • Configuring Google Apps Directory Sync
  • Configuring migration tools for switching from MS Exchange and Outlook to Google Apps
  • Authentication and Security 
  • Mail delivery architectures
  • Managing Coexistence
  • Configuring Postini Services integrated with Google Apps
View Course Outlines or Register for Google Apps Training: http://training.figleaf.com/Courses/Google.cfm

Get Help / Learn More:
Joe Ferrente 

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