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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Agony and the Ecstasy of Ext 4, IE 8, and CORS

We are currently working on an Ext 4 project that makes cross-domain requests to a .NET server. One of the restrictions on the app is that it must work with Satan’s favorite browser – IE 8.
Normally, this isn’t a huge challenge – but in this case, we’re working in a mixed environment – users actually login to a ColdFusion server (www.client.org), however, the webservices supporting our Ext app are running on a subdomain (e.g. webservices.client.org) in a .NET environment.
Rather than using JSON-P based services, we decided to go with a CORS-based solution. Users receive a domain-cookie from the ColdFusion server, which would be transparently passed to the .NET webserver. The .NET server, in turn, makes a callback to the CF server to validate the session.
By default, Ext 4 will *not* transmit cookies on AJAX requests. The key to solving this particular issue was to override the Ext.data.Connection class and force the withCredentials property to true.
Ext.define('MyApp.override.DataConnection', {
 override: 'Ext.data.Connection',
 withCredentials: true

So that worked great in Chrome…and every other browser…except the hellspawn.

To discover how to make CORS requests from Ext in an IE 8 environment, read the full article here: The Agony and Ecstasy of Ext 4, IE 8, and CORS 

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