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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Fig Leaf's 2012 Summer Intern

Paarth Cadha joined the Fig Leaf team in the summer of 2012. Paarth was recruited, from the University of Maryland Computer Science department, as a paid intern. His summer assignment was as Lead Developer for version 3 of FlashNotes Software, a rapid online note-taking application used by the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing.

FlashNotes Software needed an upgrade, and Paarth was asked to help re-design portions of the application from the ground up. Utilizing a combination of existing code and new code he developed an entirely new version of the application within a very short period of time. As the Lead Developer on the effort, Paarth was tasked with making very mature technical decisions. For example, due to a compatibility issue with the Apple platform, Paarth needed to find a way around using the standard Adobe PDF plugin. By working collaboratively with the team at Fig Leaf Software, he figured out that the system could leverage JavaScript inside of the browser to open PDF files, without using the standard Adobe PDF plugin.

Paarth helped make the entire system available on any device (mobile, tablets, and desktops). Paarth also had the opportunity to visit with clients at JHU to speak directly with professors and gather feedback on version 2 of the software, which he used during the development of version 3. The project provided Paarth with a great opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge of developing a production level web application for a major university client.

One of the things Paarth liked most about working at Fig Leaf was how readily available resources were. He was able to leverage Fig Leaf’s hands-on, instructor-led training and gain direct access to training materials to help him accomplish his job. Paarth worked very closely with experienced developers who were able to provide answers to any questions he had. The entire experience provided the right amount of positive challenges to keep Paarth interested and help him be successful. Paarth came to Fig Leaf knowing comparatively little about what he would be doing and finished with a greater understanding of development and the ecosystem of the Internet.

“I really enjoyed working at Fig Leaf Software. The people it has and the environment it fosters, make it a great place to work. I love coding and the FlashNotes Software gave me the ability to write a lot of code, but the project also provided me with an opportunity to get a better understanding of the other important aspects of software development, from product management, to project budgeting, quality assurance and technical documentation. It was a great opportunity to help develop a web application being used by a major university client. I worked directly with Fig Leaf’s senior management team and they provided me with mentoring and support throughout the summer.” - Paarth

Currently, Paarth is a Senior at the University of Maryland, working on a dual-degree in Philosophy and Computer Science.

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