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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

What’s new with Adobe Connect 9.1

What’s new with Adobe Connect 9.1- Blog Post

As a premier partner and long-term reseller with Adobe, Fig Leaf Software has hundreds of clients using Connect in a variety of different ways.  The new release of Connect 9.1 last month has further helped solidify Connect as the best web communication platform on the market.  Some of the highlights are as follows:

Mp4 Conversion of meeting recordings- This is HUGE!

Recording Meetings for future playback is extremely easy with Connect.  There is no post-production work necessary, unless you want to edit out portions of your recordings, which is also easy to do.  Now, clients can convert recordings to an Mp4 and then share them with users for access on any device/platform.

Audio Enhancements: This is also HUGE!

Adobe Connect has always given users the ability to use VoIP and/or conference bridges within a Connect Meeting.  In Connect 9.1, the audio enhancement interface has been improved tremendously.  Now, Meeting Hosts can change the audio set up within the Meeting, choose what to display for participants, automatically start/broadcast over VoIP and overall manage the very important aspect of audio in the meeting room.

For clients that conduct one-to-many informational webinars or virtual classrooms, this is a great enhancement because it gives hosts more audio controls during the meeting.  That is, hosts change audio settings during a live meeting, like broadcasting over VoIP, allowing participants to use VoIP, mute users or even change conference numbers and much more.  Perhaps more important is the participant experience: attendees now have a more intuitive way of accessing audio in a meeting.

Adobe has always given clients a great deal of flexibility in regards to audio. Clients can use any 800 conference provider, or use VoIP solely, OR use both at the same time—and give attendees the choice of how they want listen or participate in the meeting.  This choice gives Connect users the flexibility to conduct highly interactive and effective web meeting experiences for participants.

Other Adobe Connect Enhancements:

Adobe has also added additional features in Connect 9.1, such as; active speaker indication, wide screen video, meeting engagement dashboard, passcode protected meeting recordings and break-out-rooms for virtual classrooms using the Connect Training module.

We are excited about the new release of Connect 9.1 and will be conducting a series of webinars that review these features in detail.  Join us for Connect 9.1 Webinars to learn more or experience the new features: http://www.figleaf.com/events

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