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Friday, June 7, 2013

Online NoteTaking with FlashNotes Software: The new, best way to study!

Working with FlashNotes Software, Fig Leaf recently launched FlashNotes version 3. The new version is the best version yet allowing for rapid synchronous note taking along side a protected document. 

Taking Notes In Class: Web Based Note-Taking

FlashNotes Software is and excellent way to study!  Take this example from the School of Nursing at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.  A student has taken copious notes alongside the professor's lecture.  In the screen below, we see that the student has pulled information from an outside source, in this case the American Diabetes Association website.  Note that the student was able to copy site content, including images and graphics.  

In addition, the student copied over a link to a Podcast so in addition to simply studying textual content, the student now has access to an audio file on the subject.  Since FlashNotes Software is Web based, the student can access the presentation and notes from anywhere they have internet access. 

Note Taking with the Rich Text Editor

The system provides full text search for all notes and users have access to a robust rich text editor inline with the note-taking experience. 

Note that the rich text editor provides standard capabilities and students can also export their notes or print them (though we recommend you save the trees!).  Using FlashNotes Software to study is a great way to go since students have immediate access to hyperlinked content which may include videos, audio files, external websites or documents. 

Exporting Notes

In the example below where the student exported the content to a PDF file, FlashNotes Software provides information on the date and time of export as well as a thumbnail for the referenced slide.  Within the documents, all hyperlinks are active ... can't do that with paper! 

Look Closely

Studying within the FlashNotes Software system, students also have the ability to zoom in/out on presentation content.  In the case of medical imagery, this can be very valuable for the student trying to make sense of complex diagrams or medical pictures. 

FlashNotes Software Auto Saves  

We've felt our hearts drop the moment we realize that we forgot to save our work.  FlashNotes Software takes that worry away!  All notes are auto saved every second or two to preserve a note-takers work and allow them to concentrate in class!  A student can re-create any version of their notes if they want to view a previous version ... they are all saved ... but most importantly their final work is online for them anytime they need it. 

Improving Learning in 2013 and Beyond

What I'm most excited about is the opportunity to take learning to the next level.  We've all been students at some point in our lives and we all probably have anecdotal evidence that taking great notes helped us study.  Imagine the institutional benefits if a university could measure the effectiveness of note taking as it relates to student performance (grades!). We'd love to have that discussion and help close the gap on learning performance. 

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