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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Learn NodeJS: Free Introduction

Learn NodeJS: Free Introduction

Bring your own laptop and learn how to get NodeJS up and running, and learn to build a small example that demonstrates NodeJS features and capabilities.  This free 3 Hour course is designed for the experienced developer who is familiar with JavaScript and has a basic familiarity with event driven programming modules.

Course Date: April 23, 2013      

Course Hours:  8:30 AM to Noon Eastern Time

Course Location: 1400 16th Street, Washington, DC 20036

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Course Objectives

  • Install Node.js and run server-side JavaScript by REPL or file execution
  • Understand the opportunities Node.js is intended to address
  • Understand the Node.js non-blocking IO architectural approach
  • Implement built-in Node.js modules including net and http
  • Organize code using custom modules
  • Find and install modules using the npm package manager tool
  • Implement applications using the Node.js Express framework
  • Know where to find more information about Node.js

Course Outline

  • Introducing Node.js
    1. Understanding the architecture
    2. Surveying potential use cases
    3. Installing Node.js
    4. Exercise: Installing Node.js
    5. Introducing the syntax
    6. Exercise: Creating a socket-based chat room
  • Creating a purpose-built HTTP server
    1. Organizing code as modules
    2. Using the HTTP and URL modules
    3. Exercise: Creating a static HTTP server
    4. Understanding blocking and callbacks
    5. Demo: Understanding blocking and callbacks
    6. Surveying available modules
    7. Using NPM (Node.js Package Manager)
    8. Accessing GET and POST parameters
    9. Exercise: Creating a JSON based chat server
  • Introducing the Express framework for Node.js
    1. Understanding the role of the Express and Connect frameworks
    2. Surveying the Express API
    3. Exercise: Refactoring an HTTP page server for Express

Questions?  Call our Training Coordinator: Jabari Bruce 202-797-7711 x107

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