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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Google Search Appliance Launch for Kantar Retail

Fig Leaf Software launches a new Google Search for Kantar Retail

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Kantar Retail international consulting improves client searches using the Google Search Appliance.

About Kantar Retail

Kantar Retail is a leading global retail insight and consultancy business seeking an easy-to-use search experience for its clients. Kantar Retail hired Fig Leaf Software to customize the Google Search Appliance (GSA) on its client application, increasing the speed, range of results, and search functionality for users of its Kantar Retail iQ research platform.

The Search Challenge   

Customers use the data and insights provided by Kantar Retail to understand the trends shaping the future of retail and to develop growth strategies for their retail-related businesses.  Kantar Retail saw a need to enhance its search functionality since customers needed to be able to enter both simple and formal question-type searches and wanted advanced capabilities such as automatic search field recommendations and dynamic result filtering, features which could not be accommodated by the previous search utility.

The Google Search Appliance Solution

Kantar Retail found the Google Search improved search capabilities immediately and lead to a significant increase in the numbers of customers using search and the number of searches executed. GSA immediately brought advantages including dynamic filtering based on industry-specific terms and photo gallery integration. Our installation included:   

  • A flexible XML format for a metadata and URL feed developed by Fig Leaf
  • Retail-chain-specific key word search results
  • GSA-configured collection and front end features
  • GSA’s synonym list capability
  • GSA’s functionality to interact with client’s preferred prototype
  • Search box type-ahead feature

The Google Search Appliance Results

The new search GSA search functionality Fig Leaf implemented has been very warmly received by Kantar and its member retailers. Kantar Retails’ Chief Digital Officer, Mayer Danzig, commended Fig Leaf’s results noting, “The Google-powered search that we implemented with support from Fig Leaf has been a tremendous enhancement to our Kantar Retail iQ application, enabling our clients to more effectively access our rich collection of insights and data on the global retail landscape.  We’ve seen a dramatic increase in the volume of searches with the new solution and client feedback
has been overwhelmingly positive.”

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