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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Certified Google Apps Admin Training (Private & Public Classes)

If your agency or company is "Going Google" come celebrate July 4th by getting Googly in Washington DC and kick off your month with Certified Google Apps Admin Training.  The class will be held in the Fig Leaf Software Google Training Center on July 2nd and 3rd so you can stay the July 4th holiday and enjoy our Nation's Capital and Fireworks on the National Mall.  Of course, if you don't want to travel, stay home and take Google Apps Admin Training Online. 

This class is the Google Apps Certified training and provides Google Apps Admins with the foundation for passing the Google Apps Certification Exam

Fig Leaf Software offers this course directly to the public, but it’s also well-suited for onsite training at companies switching to Google Apps, and can be customized based on companies’ needs.

Call Joe Ferrente at 202-797-7711 x124 or email google@figleaf.com. 

The two-day Google Apps Admin course, taught by either Dave Watts or Dave Gallerizzo, goes beyond the Control Panel to cover common problems and troubleshooting within Google Apps. During this class, you will work with a Google Apps account created just for class, and you’ll learn how to identify and solve common Apps issues. You’ll learn about commonly used network diagnostic tools, common mail delivery problems and solutions, anti-spam measures such as SPF and DKIM, and much more! This course is intended for people who already have had some exposure to Google Apps and the Control Panel, such as helpdesk people or anyone responsible for day-to-day Google Apps administration.

Course Prerequisites

To gain the most from this class, you should already have:
  • Some experience with using the Google Apps Control Panel

Course Outline

  1. Basic Troubleshooting Tools and Practices
    1. Troubleshooting challenges of web vs desktop apps
    2. Network testing
    3. Browser and OS issues
    4. Interacting with users
    5. Basic troubleshooting approach
  2. Troubleshooting Email and Groups
    1. Gmail client issues
    2. Receiving mail
    3. Sending mail
    4. Groups bounce messages caused by suspended accounts
    5. Other issues with Groups
  3. Google Message Security
    1. How the service works
    2. Configuring server settings
    3. Adding domains
    4. Adding users and administrators
    5. Configuring filtering policies
    6. Customizing the user experience
    7. Running reports
    8. Identifying information resources
  4. Calendar Management and Troubleshooting
    1. Creating and managing resources
    2. Calendar delegation
    3. Using .ics files
    4. Other issues
  5. Interacting with Google Support
    1. Support channels
    2. Logging a case
    3. Life of a case
    4. Information sources
    5. Release tracks
  6. Additional User Management Tasks
    1. What happens when a user is created?
    2. Nicknames
    3. What happens when you suspend a user?
    4. What happens when you delete a user?
    5. What approach should be followed when suspending or deleting a user?
  7. Domain and Organization Management
    1. Administrator accounts
    2. Multiple domains
    3. Organizations and policies
  8. Automation APIs
    1. Control Panel limitations
    2. API overview
    3. Types of tools

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