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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

CommonSpot ADF and ptcalendar

I just ran into an issue with the CommonSpot ADF and ptcalendar that is worth sharing. If you install the latest version of the ADF (latest build after 1.5.1) and ptcalendar(latest build after 1.0.3) and find that your metadata and custom element forms are missing Save and Cancel buttons and the "other properties" tab is messed up, it is because of one of the custom fields added that uses jQuery.

If you upgraded the ADF and calendar, follow these instructions to fix things:


If you did a fresh install, and maybe if you did an upgrade, you will need to edit the ADF/extensions/customfields/app_config_page/app_config_page_props.cfm file. Just change the 2 scripts.loadJQuery lines to look like these:


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