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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Adobe Connect odds and ends

Here are a bunch of items I ran into recently working with Connect.

Exporting meeting recordings from Connect 7: if you want to export meeting recordings from Connect 7 using the "Make Offline" feature, you must explicitly have permission to view the meeting. Recently, I attempted to export a recording using a Connect administrator account, and received some fairly obtuse error messages. Digging into the debug log (good thing I wasn't using a hosted account!) I was able to identify this as a permissions problem. Once I added myself as a meeting participant, I was able to generate the FLV file without any trouble. Alternatively, you can probably move the meeting recording to the content library before exporting it, but I didn't try that.

LDAP and manually-created administrator accounts: if you're using LDAP, and you manually create an administrator account from the console, you can't change your password later on. To "fix" this, I created a second account from the console with a different name and the strong password I wanted, logged in with the second account, deleted the first account, then changed the login name of the second account to the first!

Missing LDAP first name and last name attributes, and searching for users within the Connect admin console: The Users and Groups list, which is a Flash app, lets you scroll through users and groups (surprise!). However, if you have more than a handful of users or groups, scrolling through this list is very painful as it takes forever to update. Fortunately, there's a search button at the bottom, which lets you search for a user by first and/or last name. Great! Unfortunately, if you're using LDAP synchronization, it's possible you don't have first or last names for some (or all) of your users, just logins. Even more unfortunately, you cannot search for logins or any other attributes, just first and last names.

Enabling editing of attributes imported via LDAP: By default, if you use LDAP synchronization, you can't edit attributes that come from LDAP, which makes sense. In my current case, the customer wants to do this, though, as there are specific differences in the rules for storing attributes in LDAP vs this particular system - they're not allowed to store user names in LDAP, but are allowed to store them in Connect. (This is a slight oversimplification, but will do for now.) There is a configuration option to allow editing of these attributes in Connect. However, if you've already run your synchronization, this option won't work because of overall limitations in the number of database records that can be changed by a single operation in Connect! And because of the byzantine database structure of Connect, I'm reluctant to do much exploration on my own, so I'll be opening a support ticket. My guess is that the Connect guys will give me a database query I can run directly against SQL Server to solve this.

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