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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fig Leaf Software launches www.flashnotes.org

FlashNotes Software for Note-taking with Acrobat
(visit www.flashnotes.org)

FlashNotes LogoFlashNotes Software is a web based application that allows users to make textual notes on the Acrobat PDF content, outside of Acrobat. FlashNotes pages are linked to specific pages in the PDF file. FlashNotes pages change as the user browses Acrobat PDF. FlashNotes pages are editable and allow the user to input an unlimited amount of information associated with any page in the Acrobat PDF file. FlashNotes pages are full text searchable. When FlashNotes search results are displayed, the pages of the Acrobat PDF associated with the notes, are displayed on the screen next to the FlashNotes.

Note Taking for Students
FlashNotes enables students to take notes inline with the course packs they purchase from their university or professor. Students can access their course files online with any browser and no software to install. Notes are kept side by side with the instructor's lessons so the student can later study notes in context with the notes they've taken. In addition, all notes can be full text searched so a student can quickly find words or terms they've taken in their notes.

The student experience is very simple. When a student logs in to FlashNotes they are presented with any important announcements from their professors. They are also able to view any courses they have purchased or have been granted access to. Clicking a link to a document starts FlashNotes and enables the student to start taking notes in the course.

Note Taking for Professors
Professors can can perform the following tasks:

1. Upload new documents using the FlashNotes document uploader.

2. Edit data for existing documents using the FlashNotes document manager. This includes assigning which course a document belongs in.

3. Go to note taking view to see how a document looks for students, and to try out the note taking ability.

Note Taking for Administrators
A FlashNotes administrator can perform the following tasks:

1. Add/delete users.

2. Edit users. This includes granting a user access to a course.

3. Add/delete courses. Once the administrator adds a course and assigns a professor to the course, that professor can assign any document to that course.

Example Student Editing View.

FlashNotes Example JHU

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