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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Online Job Bank - Custom Software for Associations or Businesses

Today, Fig Leaf Software posted new Captivate Movies which demonstrate custom Online Job Bank Software built using Adobe ColdFusion and SQL Server.

Fig Leaf Software Online Job Bank

Fig Leaf’s Web-based Job Bank application is a full-featured ad management system that allows employers to place employment ads and search job seeker resumes and allows job seekers to post resumes and search for jobs. Additionally, job seekers can subscribe to job posting notification emails and anonymously communicate with employers. Employers can also display company profiles.

The Job Bank application is fully customizable and almost every system feature can be controlled and configured using the administrator interface. Additionally, system administrators can elect to be notified whenever job postings are requests and can approve or review each posting.

Visit http://www.figleaf.com/products/jobbank.cfm to learn more or watch the Adobe Captivate recording of the Job Seeker or Employer experience.


All visitors to the Job Bank site can
o Search job posting by state, salary range, position type and other criteria
o Subscribe to RSS feeds of job posting information
o Browse employer profiles

Registered Job Seekers can also
o Apply online for jobs and communicate with employers
o Create profiles and upload Resumes to be searched by employers
o Receive email notifications of new job postings on a real-time, daily or weekly basis
o Save job search criteria


Registered employers can
o Purchase online or magazine ads
o Preview ads
o Purchase banner ads
o Purchase subscriptions to display company profiles
o Communicate with job seekers


Job Bank Administrators can
o Review and approve employer ads
o Generate revenue, usage statistics and ad listing reports (all reports are viewable on screen or can be downloaded in .csv format)
o Maintain ad costs by line, word or issue
o Maintain lists of job categories, salary ranges, organization types and other information used throughout the site
o Maintain content of system generated emails including order confirmation, job posting notification, profile expiration and order notification emails
o Post charges for employers purchases including real-time credit card processing

Technical Information
o Minimum recommended server requirements to run Fig Leaf Job Bank application:
o ColdFusion Standard
o SQL Server

Job Bank System Architecture
o Model-View-Controller (MVC) using ColdFusion MX component technology
o Verity full text search engine for job seeker resume search functionality
o Verity Vspider for site content searching

Optional Features
o Real time credit card processing using Verisign PayFlowPro
o Order processing integration with IMIS association management software

Making the Job Bank Work for your site
The Job Bank public interface screens can be easily modified to display the “look and feel” of an existing web site, or customized to fit new designs as required. Additionally, due to its modular design, the Job Bank can also be customized to write order information to any financial tracking, association management or external database.

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