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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Fig Leaf Software launches more features for the Archdiocese of Baltimore Website

Fig Leaf Software has been working closely with the Archdiocese of Baltimore and launched a newly designed Website in 2010. As part of a phase two release cycle, Fig Leaf launched some additional functionality to further enhance the new Website. Members of the Archdiocese of Baltimore will find the new site even more valuable based on the improvements listed below.
Archdiocese of Baltimore phase II site improvements:
  • Additional News Feeds - The Catholic News Feeds on the Home Page aggregate the latest news postings from various Archdiocese of Baltimore controlled services and lists the latest from each service on a Catholic News page deeper in the site.
  • Question of the Week - On the Home Page as well as any page on the site, a polling application is used to survey users and tally their results. Results are immediately displayed when submitted and there is a page showing past polls and their results.
  • Public Event Submission - Parishioners can view upcoming events from the Event Calendar page and can also post events to display from the public calendar. Publicly-submitted events must be approved prior to being visible on the calendar page.
  • Video element - Using JWPlayer and a YouTube-like skin, the video element allows staff to upload videos to YouTube, reference them in CommonSpot, and then place the Video Custom Element on any content page and specify a single video to play or show a staff-controlled playlist of videos for a certain subsite or topical area of the site. The gallery of videos is available on http://www.archbalt.org/news-events/audio-visual-photos/index.cfm. An example of a single video can be seen here: http://www.archbalt.org/about-us/our-bishops/archbishop-borders/video.cfm. Once activated with content, the accordion menu on the Home Page also has an area for a Photo of the Week or Video of the Week where AoB staff can highlight a specific topic or event and link to a page with more related photos or videos.
  • Audio element - A Flash-based MP3 player custom element to allow streaming playback of sermons, messages to the parishioners, and homilies & talks. An example of where this is used is here: http://www.archbalt.org/about-us/the-archbishop/index.cfm.
  • WordPress Blog - Fig Leaf also created a page that is linked to their WordPress Blog that pulls in the blog postings and displays them on the Archdiocese of Baltimore site.
  • myArch - Archdiocese of Baltimore's intranet portal is only available to Archdiocese staff and uses Active Directory authentication for login, has group-based left navigation, and also uses PaperThin's Event Calendar code from the public site to create a calendar of internal and/or public events.
View the full case study here: http://www.figleaf.com/Showcase/CaseStudies/ArchBalt.cfm

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