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Friday, February 25, 2011

Fig Leaf Software Announces Google Apps Training (Apps 200)

This Google Certified instructor-led course provides participants with a comprehensive hands-on overview to activate, configure, and deploy Google Apps for Business to their customers.

Dates, Location & Registration:

The course covers the following topics:

  • Domain registration and verification
  • Managing multiple domains
  • Managing organizations
  • Provisioning users
  • Managing groups and contacts
  • Configuring calendar service and resources
  • Managing Google Apps customer accounts using the Reseller Tools
  • How and where to go for Support
  • Adding new services
  • Overview of migration strategies
  • Configuring Google Apps Directory Sync
  • Configuring migration tools for switching from MS Exchange and Outlook to Google Apps
  • Authentication and Security
  • Mail delivery architectures
  • Managing Coexistence
  • Configuring Postini Services integrated with Google Apps

Duration: 4 days

Price: 1000.00
GSA Price: 1000.00
Online Price: 1000.00

Course Prerequisites

Pre-Course Work (Apps100)

To maximize the time for your Apps200 course, you should complete the following prework prior to class.

  1. Complete the Fundamentals of Google Apps course: Apps100
  2. If you need further instruction on Google Apps, view the following eLearning videos.
  3. Students should have the following software installed:

Course Outline

Day 1

Managing Multiple Domains

  • Review domain essentials and terms
  • Why and how to verify domain with Google Apps
  • When and how to activate email
  • Multiple domain considerations

User Management

  • Configuring organizations
  • Analysis of different methods of provisioning users
  • Manual creation of users
  • CSV file upload of users
  • Shared Contacts
  • Pilot strategies
  • Overview of different types of groups
  • Configuring User-Managed groups
  • Comparison of organizations and groups


  • Sharing calendars
  • Domain settings
  • Configuring calendar resources
  • Delegation of Calendar and Mailbox

Reseller Console

  • Overview and demo


  • Overview

Day 2

Google Apps Directory Sync

  • Overview of Tool
  • Implementation

Migration Strategies

  • Analysis of different types of Mail Migration Solutions - Server and Client
  • Overview of migration tools

Migration Tools when Switching from MiscroSoft Exchange and Outlook

  • Overview of tools
    • Google Apps Migration - Microsoft Exchange
    • Google Apps Migration - Microsoft Outlook
    • Google Apps Sync - Microsoft Outlook
  • Implementation

Calendar Inter-Operability

  • Overview of MS calendar connectors
  • Co-existence strategies for pilots and production

Day 3


  • Security Overview
  • Secure connectivity (SSL options)
  • Configuring an existing Single Sign-On solution
  • Configuring OpenID

Overview of Mail Delivery Architectures

  • Dual delivery
  • Direct Delivery
  • Split delivery
  • Pilot
  • Pilot to Production
  • Mail Gateway

Mobile Options

  • Overview of Mobile Options
  • Considerations of Blackberry Enterprise Server

Integrated Postini Services for Google Apps

  • Activate Postini Services integrated with Google Apps for Business
  • Understand when and when not to activate Postini Services
  • Configuring Postini Services for Google Apps for Business using Postini
  • Administration Console
    • Manage organizations and users
    • Configure filtering policies such as attachment, content policies and TLS
    • Customize the user experience such as notifications and language
    • Add additional administrators

Day 4

Postini Stand-alone Services

  • Understand differences between Postini standalone vs. Integrated with Google Apps
  • Overview of Postini mail delivery architecture - split delivery
  • Ordering standalone Postini Services

Deployment Overview and Planning

  • Understand what it takes for customers to migrate to Google Apps
  • Deploying Google Apps

Class Project: Putting all the pieces together

Dates, Location & Registration:

This class will be taught in Washington, DC; Miami, FL, Dallas, TX; New York, NY; San Francisco, CA.

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